Why failure in English

The real reason why English is not good is – how I learned or learned English. In our society, most students are looking for how to easily pass English exams. That is why some unfounded business teacher in our current context is more responsible. Those teachers taught students some techniques to pass the test. Paragraphs with a simple subject, write some English words for writing compositions, which will be memorized in some way by writing it all the paragraphs / compositions of the world! Application / Letter / e-mail one thousand, write complete! Not only now, Gramar has learned many techniques to get the number of grammar! As soon as the test was done, the short suggestions were made in such a way that he came to see the question! This is not the end! Then there are questions. Then again, the teacher who is very proud to get the benefit of the business in the class / coaching room, he will have to spend millions of rupees to get a product company, advertise his product! Most parents are totally indifferent to this. Do not keep track of how the child is being destroyed.

And in the same way the number of educated people passed in our society is increasing day by day, but they are afraid to take their own initiative. BA / MA passes but can not even express their unemployment to others in English.

Knowing English increases your self-confidence in yourself. If you know the language correctly, you can live in any country of the world. There is no problem anywhere in this country and abroad to achieve higher education. In the era of the current technology, the English people in the world are sitting at home using their internet and learning to work in their home, earning thousands of lakhs of lakhs of money by outsourcing their own home. This is a well-documented method for earning foreign currency in our country.

Attaining guilt to the relatives, handpumps, and getting involved in a dirty crime for the necessary money has become quite common.

I wrote a little more relaxed writing to write. I feel sorry for someone – I sincerely apologize.